Photograph courtesy of Phil Mills
Kari Maaren is a Toronto-based writer, cartoonist, musician, and university instructor who likes writing stuff about monsters and gets unreasonably upset when her students abuse the common apostrophe.  She was born in British Columbia and would still like to go back there eventually because she misses all the trees.  She tells everybody that she absolutely does not have any magical powers.  If you want to find out more about her, you should check out the rest of this website.  I mean, seriously:  this page is basically redundant.  One thing it does say that all the other pages don't is that Kari would like to apologise to the Norwegian businesswoman who shares her name.  Norwegian Kari Maaren must deal on a daily basis with the existence of some Canadian Kari Maaren who has comics and geeky ukulele music all over the Internet.  Jeg beklager så meget, norsk Kari Maaren.

That picture, incidentally, shows Kari playing her ukulele at FilKONtario.  The fact that she is wearing a kazoo around her neck is a warning that she is either already playing "Everybody Hates Elves" or is on the verge of launching into it.  Her T-shirt proclaims that she believes in Sherlock Holmes and that Moriarty was, in fact, real.  That is probably more or less all you need to know about that.

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