Kari Maaren

I'll Still Love You When I'm Gone

I like bluegrass music a lot.  For me, that in itself is a good reason to poke a bit of fun at it.  This is a love song about loving someone forever...and ever...and ever...or else.


I'll Still Love You When I'm Gone
Well, I met you in the years between
When I was twelve and you thirteen,
And I knew you were someone I had to know.
We were together before long,
And it never seemed to go real wrong,
And we've stayed together ever since, and so,

We've sunk into contentment here,
And our lives have melded, year by year,
Into kids and wrestling matches on the lawn.
So I'll tell you now, won't tell you twice;
If you don't listen, pay the price:
I'll still love you when I'm gone.

Since I met you, it's all been fine,
And it's definite that you are mine,
And the thought of us apart is pretty strange.
You belong to me in whole,
Your heart, your mind, your body, soul,
And when I die, that isn't gonna change.

If you mourn a bit, and say goodbye,
And stand beside my grave and cry,
Then dry your eyes, preparing to move on,
Just keep in mind that that is not
An option that I've also got:
I'll still love you when I'm gone.

You see
How determined I can be.
That looming shadow there.
I won't be stopped by death.
I'll be with you with every breath,
And if you exorcise me, I won't care.

Everybody knows forever
Is how long true love last; never
Will two soul-mates end up torn apart.
I'll remain forever true.
I'm assuming so will you.
If not, I'll literally rip out your heart.

I'm pretty sure that I can learn
Of some way to return,
If only in the time 'twixt dusk and dawn.
And if you've gone and broke our code,
I'll promptly make your spleen explode.
I'll still love you when I'm gone.


Don't doubt
I'll tear your eyeballs out.
If you lied,
There'll be nowhere you can hide.
You love me?  I love you more,
And we both know what love is for.
What you've gotta do is cut and dried.

Imagine I am dead as stone,
And you are living all alone,
And you suddenly decide you will betray
Our beautiful and perfect love.
Well, I guess when push done come to shove,
That will end up as your life's last day.

I'll use my ectoplasmic might
To bleed your small intestine white,
Then drown you in the blood I have withdrawn.
And every neighbour's gonna dream
Of your prolonged, tormented scream;
I'll still love you when I'm gone.

And as we love, and play, and live,
Think hard about what you will give
To me when you are forced to carry on
Alone.  It would not be wise
For you to treat like a surprise
That I'll still love you when I'm gone.
I'll still love you when I'm gone.

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Content copyright Kari Maaren 2013
Images copyright Kari Maaren, Phil Mills, Erik Mohr, and Karl Stahl 2013