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This page contains links to my stuff, links to stuff I have done in the past but then abandoned in a cowardly manner, links to stuff connected in some way to my stuff, links to stuff I like by people who are awesome, and anything else I can think of that doesn't fit on the rest of the site.


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Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off on Bandcamp
Pirate Elves in Space on Bandcamp
Everybody Hates Elves on Bandcamp
"The 'Geisters" on Bandcamp
Canadian Geek Bands


West of Bathurst
It Never Rains
West of Bathurst


Weave a Circle Round's page on Macmillan Site
Weave a Circle Round on Goodreads
Weave a Circle Round's page on McDermid Agency's site
Blog (WoB Talk)


"The Well of the World's End"

This is a fairy tale I have told frequently.  This little film, made and sponsored by Ryerson University's Chang School of Continuing Education, is meant to demonstrate some of the principles of oral storytelling.  The film is used in the online version of the Ryerson course "Fairy Tales and Fantasies"; however, the Chang School has also posted it on YouTube.


Bad Poem a Day

In the summer of 2015, I apparently developed the need to write one bad poem a day and post it on the Internet. The blog is run by my thinly veiled alter-ego, Cecily Q. Cauliflower, a self-avowed bad poet who has embraced her talent for terrible verse and wishes to share it with the world.
Bad, Bad Poetry

Kem's Utterly Merciless Guide to Essay Writing
I started this blog out of sheer frustration when I was a TA.  I keep threatening to go back to it, but I can never quite find the time.  Basically, Kem's Guide attacks essay writing from the perspective of a semi-fictional pissed-off English instructor who rants madly at her readership, albeit often in the nicest possible way.  Is there a word for "viciously bullying people into demonstrating their intelligence, which they obviously have, instead of taking the lazy way out"?  'Cause that's sort of what I do as Kem.  A number of instructors use the Guide in their classes, so there's that.
Don't Freaking Plagiarise

Japes for Owre Tymes
This one is...strange.  One day, for reasons I cannot really explain, I decided to start translating newspaper comics into Middle English.  My justification was that they were so archaic already that they almost worked better that way.  The blog had its fifteen minutes of fame amongst medievalists and comics affictionados, but it simply took too long to put the comics together every day, and I finally had to let it go.
ME Family Circus

Recording and Sound Engineering

Arnob Bal, Floss Daily Productions:  recorded, mixed, and mastered Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off
Devin Melanson, The Pond Studio:  recorded, mixed, and mastered Pirate Elves in Space and Everybody Hates Elves

Art and Design

Erik Mohr:  designed cover of Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off
Karl Stahl, Painted Red Productions:  designed cover of Pirate Elves in Space and Everybody Hates Elves; supplied header and initial design of this site

Literature and Publishing

Monica Pacheco, my agent at the McDermid Agency
ChiZine Publications:  the Toronto SF publisher for which I read slush; it also organises...
Chiaroscuro Reading Series:  the original reason for the existence of all this crazy monster music
David Nickle:  author of The 'Geisters, about which I have written a song


Carlos Parra:  filmed and produced video of "The 'Geisters"


Darths and Droids: a webcomic that reimagines the Star Wars saga as a tabletop RPG.
Debs and Errol: a webcomic about the relatively real lives of Debs and Errol, who turn up under "Music" below. The comic has ended its run.
Finn and Charlie are Hitched: a webcomic by Tony Breed.  The title is probably relatively self-explanatory.
Hark!  A Vagrant: a webcomic by Kate Beaton...about...stuff...with floaty people...and Victoriana...and...er...well, yeah...
My Neighbor Errol: this sequel to Debs and Errol tells the relatively true story of Errol, his family, his friends, and his ongoing obsession with escape rooms.
Piled Higher and Deeper: a webcomic by Jorge Cham about grad school and how it tends to drive people mad.  A lot. Rock, Paper, Cynic: a webcomic by Peter Chiykowski about exciting things such as "dinosaurs, philosophy, and outer space."

More Music

Debs and Errol: the band is no longer banding, but the music lives on.
Kraken Not Stirred: Mike Bryant's geeky musical act. Mr. Bryant receives his inspiration directly from the psychic brainwaves of the Kraken itself.
Nerds With Guitars: a geeky Toronto band that plays geeky Toronto music on geeky Toronto guitars.
Rock, Paper, Cynic: Peter Chiykowski's one-man musical act. Yes, it has the same name as his webcomic.


FilKONtario:  if you are puzzled by the word "filk," go visit this site.  It'll sort you out.


The House Always Wins:  a fun blog created by a fun friend of mine.
Mark Reads:  Mark reads a lot of stuff, then blogs about it.  He started with Twilight.  In 2014, he was up for a Hugo.  'Nuff said.
Mark Watches
:  Mark also watches a lot of stuff (i.e., full runs of TV shows).  The Hugo thing still applies.
Thoughts From the Test Chamber:  Manda Whitney has a lot to say, specifically about Her Neighbour Errol.


Beverly Bambury:  Bev is a publicist friend of mine whose website is useful and informative.  Check it out.

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