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Room For Me
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This is the second of the songs written for my not-quite-in-existence-but-may-be-a-definite-possibility-at-some-point piece Horror! the Musical.  However, though I wrote the song in the spring of 2012, I didn't perform it until about a year later.  It would  come into the musical immediately following the female protagonist's soul being torn violently from her body.  Sounds like time for a tender ballad to me.

The recording was done in 2012 but was not included in Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off.  I'm planning eventually to collect all the Horror! songs in the same album.


Room For Me
It's gone extremely strange,
Abruptly quite surprising.
I couldn't have expected
I would feel this way.
Two arms, two legs, a brain:
This body I'm disguising
Myself in is more than meat;
These sharp sensations leave me with so much to say!
So incomplete
A breath before!
The world has opened up;
There's so much more.

My lungs have filled with air;
Who knew that it would be so,
So damn electrifying
Just to stand and breathe?
I used to be a mass
Of seething agony, so
I think it is fair to say
I had no clue how to do anything but seethe.
And now I've eyes,
And I can see.
Inside this body, there
Is room for me.

I know I have expelled
A living human soul
And tossed it, screaming,
Right into the howling void.
I see how that could be
Regarded as a problem.
If it had happened to me,
I'd have been annoyed.
But, believe me, life is almost never fair.
It is astounding me that I have hair!

I want to climb a tree,
Punch out some politician,
Save the environment, and
Then adopt a cat.
There's way too much to try.
My current composition
Makes me long to write a poem
While eating so much that I get immensely fat.
I can't be sure,
But I will bet
This is an action I
Will not regret.

I doubt that anyone
Can understand what I am,
Am feeling in this moment.
Though I am confined
Inside some random girl
I guess I've doomed to die, am
I more free than I have ever
Been before?  I think I'm liking humankind.
I've just one life;
I'll use it well.
I know I'm going to end
Up back in hell.

It's gone extremely strange,
Abruptly quite surprising.
I couldn't have expected
I would feel this way...

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