Kari Maaren

(Then It Went) Just a Little Bit Wrong

This is the first song I wrote for the honestly-not-really-a-real-thing-at-all piece Horror! the Musical.  It comes right at the beginning of the not-play when a young woman ventures into the obviously haunted house she has just purchased.  Then...well...it goes just a little bit wrong...


(Then It Went) Just a Little Bit Wrong
All alone
In the growing twilight.
Waiting for
Some kind of sign.
Wind is whistling
Through the chimney.
[Beat] I’m sure it
Will be fine.

Thinking that I have
Peculiar neighbours.
How nice they are.
Is that a footstep there
On the cellar stair?
I left my flashlight
In the car.

All my friends were saying there was something wrong with me,
Buying this old house for just a song.
I tried to reassure them it was safe as it could be.
Then it went...just a little bit wrong.

Coming to this place
Without a cell phone,
Confident that I
Will be okay.
Is pretty normal.
[Beat] At least, it
Seems that way.

Seeing movement
In the shadows.
Assuming it
Is only mice.
Everything is fine.
Why, yes, this house is mine,
And no, I took
No one’s advice.

When I signed the papers and took ownership, I knew
This lovely house and I would get along.
I’d all those pretty bedrooms and nice windows to look through!
Then it went...just a little bit wrong.

It’s not that there are ghosts and zombies lurking everywhere.
It’s not that there are corpses under every board and stair.
I think that if there were, it would be easier to know how I should be.
If your boyfriend is a psychopathic, you know to run away.
If your closet’s full of monsters, you can handle that okay.
Give me full and outright terror; I don’t want to have to deal with sublety.

Everything is normal.
Confidence is strong.
Then it goes...just a little bit wrong.

Trying the lights;
Thank God they’re working.
Sure that I’ll
Do well alone.
I’ll bring couches,
And on Thursday,
They’ll hook up the phone.

I was just a bit
Needlessly nervous.
I can really see
No problem here.
Just let me make this flickering lightbulb right.
There’s no lightbulb.  Why’s there light?

There’s a possibility I’m in over my head.
The fear’s already getting pretty strong.
I should have bought a nice suburban bungalow instead.
But things were...just a little bit
They were...only a little bit
I think it’s gone...just a little it wrong.

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Content copyright Kari Maaren 2013
Images copyright Kari Maaren, Phil Mills, Erik Mohr, and Karl Stahl 2013