Kari Maaren

Love Song

This song may have no SF elements, but it does quite succinctly express how I feel about love songs.


A Lonely Christmas Out Here
Mention of love.
Mention of love.
Something about birds in the sky.
Mention of love.
Mention of pain.
Explanation of how you hurt me.

Sad "ooh."
Involving a car on a lonely road.
Mention of you;
Expression of hope
That you haven't forgotten the last time we slept together.

Sad "ooh."

Mention of death.
Mention of love.
Question about flowers of some sort.
Angsty line that seems awkwardly interjected;
Mention of love.

Anger coming out subtly
In lyrics that seem to relate to something else
And are rather vaguely expressed, which just makes them deeper.
Mention of love.
Mention of how
I can't stop wanting you, you bastard.

Sad "ooh."

Mention of lust.
Mention of stars.
Speculation that they're in your eyes.
Mention of love.
Mention of sex
That sounds like it's not about sex
So that twelve-year-old girls sing this song with their dads
By accident.

Sad "ooh."

Mention of love.
Mention of joy.
Cynical jab at your manhood.
Expression of desire
Mixed with repulsion and show of independence.
Declaration of heartbreak.
Assurance that I'm doing fine.
Mention of love. Mention of love.
Bad rhyme.

Sad "ooh."

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