Since 2011, I have been writing and performing music for various events in Toronto. I began doing so after the organisers of the monthly Chiaroscuro Reading Series, or ChiSeries, asked me to contribute a performance to their Christmas show. I wrote a song about zombies. After that, things just sort of went boom. I have also performed at SFContario, Ad Astra, FilKONtario, the annual Klingon Assault Group feast, Anime North, the Constellation Awards, and the Boston-area convention ConCertino.  I have two CDs out, Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off and Everybody Hates Elves.  Both are currently available on Bandcamp and as physical CDs.

I won the 2013 Aurora Award in the category of  "Fank Filk" and the 2015 award in the category of "Fan Music." I was also nominated in the "Fan Music" category in 2014 (at which point I lost to Chris Hadfield, who recorded his song in space) and the "Best Fan Related Work" category in 2016 and 2017. I have been nominated for the Pegasus Awards in 2015 ("Best Writer/Composer" and "Best Filk Song"), 2016 ("Best Writer/Composer" and "Best Adapted Song"), 2017 ("Best Perky Song"), 2018 ("Best Writer/Composer"), 2020 ("Best Writer/Composer"), and 2022 ("Best Writer/Composer").

Interested people can find links to many of my songs below, along with the years in which the songs were produced. Eventually, I hope to provide chord sheets and videos and/or recordings of all the songs (quite a few of them do currently have recordings and videos you can find via the links below, and all of them have lyrics sheets).

Being Watson (2013)
Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off (2012)
The Birthday Horror Song (2013)
Damn Those Dwarves (2012)
Dear George R. R. Martin (2012)
December 2091 (2012)
Everybody Dies (2014)
Everybody Hates Elves (2013)
Fairy-Tale Love (2013)
Fake Geek Guy (2013)
The 'Geisters (I Did It for Love) (2013)
Grinch (2011)
Have I Mentioned We’re All Dead Here? (2012)
I Just Want to Live (2013)
I'll Still Love You When I'm Gone (2013)
I’m Under Your Bed (2012)
I Put My Trenchcoat On (2012)
I've Got Too Many Clones (2013)
Kids These Days (2012)
Letter to Santa (2012)
A Lonely Christmas Out Here (2011)
Love Song (2012)
On Valentine’s Day (2012)
The Prophecy Hotline (2013)
Room For Me (2013)
Sasquatch (2012)
Superheroine (2012)
That's Fear (2013)
(Then It Went) Just a Little Bit Wrong (2012)
They Are in Love (2013)
Toronto Batman (2012)
Voldemort, I Wanna Be Like You (2012)
We Protest the Robot Occupation (2012)
What About Me? (2013)
What Would Batman Do? (2012)
When the Starcats Come (2013)

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NaNoMusical, Episode 2:  "Everything I Write, I Write It For You":  Contributed ukulele track for the song "Lovely Day" to this web musical about NaNoWriMo, love, and writer's block.
CSI Portland, Episode 1:  "Basket Case":  Contributed ukulele track for the theme song (which also appears in all subsequent episodes)..
Half-Cat:  The Documentary:  Part 2:  Doublecat Hypothesis:  Contributed ukulele track.  This video is related to the Kickstarter campaign "Half-Cat:  A Partial History."  Obviously, it is entirely serious in every possible way.
Half-Cat:  The Documentary:  Part 3:  Field Research:  Contributed ukulele track.  My contributions are apparently called "The Half-Cat Sessions."

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